On Wednesday I went to a meetup/conference promoted by Burns Sheehan and in collaboration with Space Ape Games (the conference was in their offices), Hive and Wavefront. The conference was amazing, although the topic looked to me not really interesting, I found that I was completely wrong.

There were three talks.  Richard Haigh and Steve Lowe from Betfair, they spoke about their experience in DevOps in general (at least, as long as I remember… unfortunately I have a weak memory, and I didn’t take notes). From Hive, Sam Pointer spoke about their product and how they handle a huge number of events for tracking their devices. Hive is a company that sells devices that you can control from remote. All those devices send info to them and they can track useful data and use machine learning to extract other information. It sounds a bit invasive but ok.

He made an example with a box of biscuits and a sensor. And he showed that, when he opened the box, after a while (honestly after lot of time) their monitoring app received and showed the event on a graph. The last talk was made by Louis McCormack of Space Ape Games. He briefly revised all the abstractions in the last years of computer science history and he showed the monitoring tools available for those abstractions, taking as example a startup company (I didn’t understand if real or not) with a survey service. It was nice to see how those monitoring tools had to cope with the problem of scaling, especially with the latest abstractions, so the cloud and the serverless architecture.

As a plus I had the possibility to meet the recruiter of Burns Sheehan who arranged my interview with Space Ape Games some weeks ago (unfortunately I didn’t pass the first phone call, so they didn’t even test my computer science skills), and to eat some arancini. When available, if I will remember it, I will put the video of the conference.

Stay tuned!