Hi all,
yesterday there was the seventh Scala Central in the offices of Space Ape Games. This is a meetup organised by Alice Lloyd, a very nice person with whom I gladly speak the first time I attended one of these events (I think the second or third, in the offices of a big media company, maybe the Guardian). As usual, we had three speakers.

The first was Tom Martin of Space Ape Games, he has spoken about how his company (they create games, for mobile devices) is developing in Scala using AWS servers and services, especially DynamoDB. In his talk he underlined some aspects that were heritage of their startup mindset and of their lack of experience on those technologies.

I found the second talk a bit more boring. Courtney Robinson from FortyTwo Data spoke about their architecture to give a service capable of reacting to events, absolutely abstract and available from a single device to a complex cluster. Honestly it was so specific, their infrastructure, that I didn’t see anything worth to be noticed and reused.

The last talk was the most lightweight and maybe the most interesting: Daniela Sfregola (twitter, website and linkedin) presented data validation with Cats (here you can see the slides). It was nice and easy to follow, also because she made an initial promise to not use functional world words, keeping it simple (stupid).

Before and after the talks we had, as usual, time to speak with people. This time there were 4 ex colleagues who introduced me to other people, so it was worth also the social part.
Stay tuned!