It is a busy period, but I am not missing the important meetings. Like Scala Central number 9, that is currently my preferred meetup: firstly because it is Scala, secondly because it is always about interesting topics. This time I arrived later in writing about the meetup than the organisers in putting their video (that you can find here).

But anyway, three talks: in the first Yeshwanth Kumar (LinkedIn – Twitter) spoke about Free Monads with cats. A free monad is “a construction which allows you to build a monad from any functor. Like other monads, it is a pure way to represent and manipulate computation”. It is a way to architect the code for obtaining isolation of side effects, keeping everything it is not involved in side effects pure, increase composability and own domain specific language (DSL). The code is therefore divided into five entities: ADTs (algebras that represents operations), interpreters (implements algebras), smart constructors, programs (encapsulate the business logic) and interpretations (that run the program). The talk is really similar to this blog post.
The talk ended with an intro to freestyle (in the github page I discovered this wonderful page for learning some scala-based technologies) and with some opensource projects to see as an example (Doobie and Slate).

The  second talk was about Digital Marketing Automation in Homeaway by Stefano Bonetti (LinkedInTwitter). The problem he faced is how to stream info related ads to different ad platforms (that receive different format of data) efficiently. So he spoke about pipelines using akka streams, showing example of how to start from a source (Kafka) and, through different stages, roll out the pipeline. At the end  of the talk he discussed about testing.

The last talk, by Saurabh Arora, from Equal Experts (that hosted the event), was just about behavioural tests and about a small library for writing behavioural tests that is like Cucumber, but worse.

After the talks food and socialising and pub. I look forward for the next one.
Stay tuned!