cropped-DSCF3376.jpgWelcome to my blog that will replace my old webpage. My name is Andrea Lorenzani, I am a software developer since the 2007, when I started by working with Java technologies. Between 2010 and 2015 I moved in France, I was working as a senior engineer for Amadeus, to be honest as a consultant for Astek.

In that period I was mainly developing in C++ with Boost and I was creating scripts for automatise some processes in Python. In these years I worked for several project, one of them was the SMS Check In that was important for me cause I was left alone working on that, so I had to design, implement and follow up any aspect of software development. But I was fully involved in defining the architecture of other products, like the PNR Exchange among GDSes and the TTY IN Sequencing.

In June 2015 I finally moved to UK. Ocado Technology hired me as Senior Software Engineer and I started working with the most recent technologies: Scala, Coffeescript, Cassandra, Kafka, Java, Spring… It was a massive change, nevertheless on June 2016 I was asked to kick off the first project by myself: an alerting system to help Operations to monitor the status of all the components of our system. After several meetings with all the stakeholders we ended up with an architecture based on AWS Beanstalk, Kinesis and Elastic Search/Kibana.
In the meantime I attended several courses: New Relic, the ICAgile Certified Professional certification and, during the free time, I studied Project Management and I got the CAPM certification from PMI.

On January, 2017, I left Ocado. I then ended up working in BBC as Software Engineer for the Media Services team. Despite the great environment, I stayed there only few months, moving to Whitbread on 20th November 2017. Here I was asked to lead a feature team of 5 people. The work was really funny. Unfortunately for different reasons, mainly related culture and management, I decided to move to another company quite soon, in January 2019 I had a contract with Metapack, as Development Team Leader.

I worked here for almost 3 years and an half, owning and managing most of Metapack Postship architecture, and developing some cutting edge projects like an integrator between the main component of the company and an API, based on a CDC service on AWS called DMS, that ended up processing a bit less than 200 millions events per day.

In my free time I love going to the cinema, doing photography, hiking, travelling and meeting new people.