This is the technical blog, and I speak, from time to time, about projects I worked or I am working on. I think it could be nice to list them here, so that people interested only in coding or complete works can easily find them. My projects are usually available on my Github account, here I will list only the ones for which I wrote an article on this blog.

  • A website for counting and displaying votes made as a code challenge for the interview at BBC (Github – posts: part I, part II and part III) – Akka, Play, H2, Scala, some js libraries
  • A sudoku solver coded for refreshing my skills with Scala (Githubpost)
  • A test for checking which is fastest between Netty and GRPC (Githubpost)
  • A REST(ful) API coded in 3 hours with Finagle and Jackson lib (Githubpost)
  • My old game I did in 2002 with OpenGL and QT (Githubpost)
  • A comparison of different languages (Github – posts: part I)