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Scala Central #7

Hi all, yesterday there was the seventh Scala Central in the offices of Space Ape Games. This is a meetup organised by Alice Lloyd, a very nice person with whom I gladly speak the first time I attended one of… Continue reading →


Don’t mess with visibility

Lately, to be more precise starting from April 10th, I started working at BBC. Wonderful environment, very nice people, so everything is perfect. They work with Java and other technologies (Apache Camel is one of the library they use, I… Continue reading →


DevOps at Scale talks

On Wednesday I went to a meetup/conference promoted by Burns Sheehan and in collaboration with Space Ape Games (the conference was in their offices), Hive and Wavefront. The conference was amazing, although the topic looked to me not really interesting, I… Continue reading →


Intel® Buzz Workshop London 2017

Hi all, yesterday (Saturday… :/) I attended the fantastic workshop made by Intel related to the world of videogames. Apparently it is already some years since the first time they did this workshop, all the past events are recorded in… Continue reading →


Some interesting features of Scala (Part I)

This post is for those who come from Java world and who worked on Scala from time to time. I have worked on Scala almost 2 years right now, some very interesting features I have never met before in my… Continue reading →


Project for the interview at BBC (Part III)

Previously on Andrea’s blog: we have discussed how, given the setup of a database (Part I), we create Actors (with AKKA) to encapsulate workers that access our database through DAOs (or something like DAO). Now we have our Service Layer, our Data Layer…… Continue reading →


Project for the interview at BBC (Part II)

Previously on Andrea’s blog: in the first part of this post I spoke about setting up a database for the project I did for the interview at BBC (GitHub repo) and about the tables I created (and how to use Evolutions). Now… Continue reading →


Have you got some questions?

This is usually the question you face at the end of an interview. So those are tips to follow, because even if you had one billion questions in your mind, when the person tells you to ask them it is… Continue reading →


Monads in Scala (and for comprehension)

After the discussion about Monads I decided to try to implement a Monad in Scala, eventually without copying from other Monads. My idea was to write something link Option or Try, so a container of a single, optional, value. I started by defining a… Continue reading →

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